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installed indexes and now can't do pattern search

Dear All
Just implemented basic directory (1.2.7) on Linux2.2 with initially no
Using ldapsearch I could get all the matching records when I requested
a search using something like "sn=Smit*" or even "sn=smith", but i noticed
it was bit slow.
So I installed indexes, like I have done before with an earlier
The lines I inserted in the Slapd.conf were:-

index           cn,sn,title     pres,eq,approx,sub
index           objectclass,domain      pres,eq
index           default         none

Rebuilt the ldbm database, rerun the daemon, and lo'
Pattern search on any indexed field does now NOT produce any results but
"sn=*" will retrieve all records.
Other non indexed fields will still work with pattern searches.

I'm a bit baffled, and  I fear I've done something exceptionally stupid that
I cannot see for looking.

Any ideas would be most appreciated!


Philip Barbrook           email: philip.barbrook@isis.suffolkcc.gov.uk