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LDAP with outlook 2000

First ,Does outlook 2000 work with LDAP servers ? ( Documentation suggests
but i am facing problems )

I want to use the microsoft cert server to issue a user certificate with a
CRLDp extension. 
I would like to use outlook 2000 to digitally sign my email with this

By default the user certificate has a crldp with a http url and a file url.I
have made changes in the policy.dll and now i have a LDAP url that points to
my LDAP server.
When I receive the email signed by this user certificate (REVOKED)
the CRLDp extension, the Outlook 2000 says that the certificate is valid
!!! This is an unexpected behavior. Further there is no sign of an attempt
to contact my LDAP server ( The logs show no sign of contact )
This implies that Outlook is not evaluating the CRLDp extension in the user
What are the settings to be done with outlook 2000 to make it behave in the
correct manner with LDAP server?