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Re: Netscape Browser as Ldap client

Fabrice Nouet wrote:
> >Fabrice Nouet wrote:
> > >
> > > I try to have the same results that the below commands made:
> > > ldapsearch -D "cn=root,o=Right Vision" -w secret -b "o=Right Vision"
> > > "cn=*"
> > > Is someone know how to configure the Netscape browser to have such a
> > > filter ?
> >
> >Open the address book, double-click the LDAP server to change the
> >preferences, switch on "Login with name and password".
> >
> Okay Michael but I have already do that
> but in fact the login is the email of the user so I cannot
> but the binddn...
> Really strange ?

Not strange. Netscape has implemented some kind of smart login
(searching the real DN by doing a anonymous search with a special
filter, e.g. the mail address). My package web2ldap also uses this way
of finding the appropriate unique binddn.

> >Make sure you search and read the docs for customizing LDAP settings in
> >Netscape Comm. 4.5+ on www.netscape.com.

Make sure you read the Netscape docs! Use the discussion forums at
netscape.com! (This subject is rather not related to OpenLDAP.)

Ciao, Michael.