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Re: group access

At 01:09 PM 12/7/99 -0500, Joe Sabu wrote:
>My lesson learnt:
>When you bind (using -D), it always needs a password to authenticate. So
>always have -[W|w].

Yes.  The connection will be treated as "anonymous" if no password
is provided.

>My next question: ldappasswd lets me use a non "userPassword" token as the
>password attribute name (using -a). In such a case, is it always possible
>for me to assign "myPasswd" as the the password attribute name for all uses?

This allows you to put strings of hashed passwords into other attributes.

>How would I tell the server to look for "myPasswd" when I do a
>ldapsearch -D"...." -w "...."?

You edit slapd server code and selectively replace userPassword
with myPasswd.

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