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Re: Can't contact LDAP server (sorry, it's long)

Quoting Kurt D. Zeilenga <kurt@boolean.net>:
> At 09:46 PM 12/8/99 +0100, Philippe Hermoso wrote:
> >	fd=7 connection from iea.mine.nu ( denied.
> This message implies that SLAPD was built TCP wrapper support
> and that the TCP wrappers is configured to deny the connect.
> You should either:
> 	1) configure TCP wrappers to allow LDAP connections
> 	2) disable TCP wrappers (./configure --disable-wrappers).

ok, there is a problem with my permition.
I'll try with another host (wich have the necessary permition) and it work
(the connection, but now there is Yet Another Problem :-)

Thank to all people who participate (and to all who's read).


PS: in the time i'm write this mail, i'll delete one space caracter in the ldif
file (at the end of dn) : there is no more problem. Thanks.

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