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Re: Can't contact LDAP server (sorry, it's long)

I get essentially the same response as you when I try to use ldapsearch
against openldap 1.2.7 on RH 6.0

What is the debug output from slapd (server)?
run in non-forking mode such as: slapd -d 9

I'm curious if you get something such as I do (connection denied).

SLAP reports the following:
slapd[23791]: select activity on 1 descriptors 
slapd[23791]: new connection on 8 
slapd[23791]: fd=8 connection from localhost ( denied. 
slapd[23791]: listening for connections on 6, activity on
slapd[23791]: before select active_threads 0

Let's solve this togethe!

Philippe Hermoso wrote:
> I've received a response in private, thank to its author, but this isn't the
> solution.
> >As far as I understand it in access controll lists the dn needs to be
> >normalised - no spaces after the ","'s otherwise it fails to match - so
> >you want
> >  access to * by dn="cn=manager,dc=iea,dc=mine,dc=nu,o=IEALDAP,c=FR"
> >          write
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