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Still can´t get this to work.. dang..

Hello you all,
Man, I´m almost giving up with this....  here´s what happens at the server when I try to insert that first entry you told me to:
[root@gorila ldap]# /usr/local/ldap/libexec/slapd -d1 -f /etc/openldap/slapd.conf
slapd 1.2.7-Release (seg dez  6 11:39:14 EDT 1999)                               
slapd starting                                                                   
do_bind: version 2 dn (cn=cass, o=mastercom, c=br) method 128                    
dn2entry_r: dn: "CN=CASS,O=MASTERCOM,C=BR"                                       
=> dn2id( "CN=CASS,O=MASTERCOM,C=BR" )                                           
=> ldbm_cache_open( "/var/ldap/dn2id.dbb", 66, 600 )                             
<= ldbm_cache_open (opened 0)                                                    
<= dn2id NOID                                                                    
dn2entry_r: dn: "O=MASTERCOM,C=BR"                                               
=> dn2id( "O=MASTERCOM,C=BR" )                                                   
=> ldbm_cache_open( "/var/ldap/dn2id.dbb", 66, 600 )                             
<= ldbm_cache_open (cache 0)                                                     
<= dn2id NOID                                                                    
do_bind: bound "cn=cass, o=mastercom, c=br" to "cn=cass,o=mastercom,c=br"        
send_ldap_result 0::                                                             
send_ldap_result 32::                                                            
******** end of -d1
when I run
[root@gorila /var]# ldapadd -D "cn=cass, o=mastercom, c=br" -W -f /home/cass/ldap-entries/1.ldif
it gives me this
adding new entry o=mastercom,c=br
ldap_add: No such object
Dang, I don´t know what else to try. The use of ldbmcat wouldn´t do much since I´m always deleting the content of the database for testing purposes.
Would it have something to do with the directory chmod state?
Thank you for your help...
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On Tue, 7 Dec 1999 11:50:20 -0200, "Cass Surek" <cass@master.com.br> wrote:

I think it´s correct. There´s another thing going on, I´d say.

It seems to be correct.

You can use ldbmcat to see the content of the base.

/home/cass/ldap-entries/1.ldif does just countain this ?
dn: o=MasterCom, c=BR
objectClass: top

I see 2 thing to try:
- May be you can try to use lower case for o=MasterCom, c=BR (i.e. o=mastercom, c=br)
- stop slapd, delete all files in /var/ldap, restart slapd and try to insert
dn: o=mastercom, c=br
objectClass: top
Next try to insert DNs under o=mastercom, c=br

I've deleted many time ldaps base when making tests :-)


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