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How do I add a uniquemember: to a groupOfUniqueNames ?


how can I add a member to groupOfUniqueNames using ldapmodify?
I tried something like:

ldapmodify -D "blabla" -w "blabla" < test.ldif

where test.ldif contains:

dn: cn=SysAdmin,ou=Groups,ou=SysAdmin,ou=Departments,o=mydomain
changetype: modify
uniquemember: uid=testuser,ou=People,ou=SysAdmin,ou=Departments,o=mydomain

but I get:

ldapmodify: Invalid parameter "uniquemember" specified for changetype modify (line 3 of entry cn=SysAdmin,ou=Groups,ou=SysAdmin,ou=Departments,o=mydomain

I also tried with "add" in stead of modify (thinking I could "add" a field?) but
then I get the message:

ldap_add: Already exists

Any ideas?


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