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We are running a server (ldap) with suffix "o=UIA, c=BE" that stores
entries in the form "cn=name, o=UIA, c=BE".
I want to add a server (myserver) that stores entries under "ou=Physics,
o=UIA, c=BE".
Now I want that users connect to myserver with one suffix and have access
to both trees. I tried 2 ways :
- put referral ldap://ldap in myslapd.conf, but then users need to specify
another searchbase to access the local data in myserver. 
- give myserver 2 suffixes and add a referral entry to ldap for "o=UIA,
c=BE". This does not work for queries like :
 ldapsearch -h myserver -b "cn=name, o=UIA, c=BE" "(objectclass=*)"
but works for :
 ldapserach -h myserver -b "o=UIA, c=BE" "cn=name"
Is there a better way to do this ?

Paul Casteels		casteels@uia.ua.ac.be	Tel: +32.3.8202455
						Fax: +32.3.8202470
University of Antwerp	Dpt.Physics
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