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Re: OpenLdap & Inheritance

Yes okay I understand inheritance...
I asked myself about inheritance with OpenLdap.
If we never use traditional inheritance the schema is never break...
no control for inheritance problems

ex with X500 a traditional way for super objectclass

but with OpenLdap we can create an entry as:
without corruption of the schema ....!!???!!
So I asking myself with inheritance and OpenLdap

well as per the rfc2251 this is what is meant by inheritance and >this is what you can do.
when you decalre an objectclass all its super objectclasses and their
attributes are inherited
Now it doesnt mean that supposedly you had declared an attibute x >with
10 in objectclass y
which is inherited by another objectclass z, so in z automatically >you
not get x=10 but what it means is if you define x with some value in
objectclass z, you will not break the schema.
am i clear or i have made a mess in explanation.

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