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Re: Can´t get this to work.. dang..

On Mon, 6 Dec 1999 17:34:40 -0200, "Cass Surek" <cass@master.com.br> wrote:
Hello all,

I´ve been trying to get the slapd to work, I´ve read about anything I could,
but still it´s not working.

When I try to add entries using
ldapadd -D "cn=cass, o=MasterCom, c=BR" -W -f myldiffile

You try to insert into "cn=cass, o=MasterCom, c=BR" but you base is "dc=master, dc=com".

I think you should change BASE
to "o=MasterCom, c=BR"

It gives me an error stating there´s no object. I´ve read the common error
msg about that, saying the parent object´s not there, but what the heck am I
supposed to add at first? I´ve used exactly the example at the QuickStart
Guide, but still it fails on me. Or yet, I fail on it. :-)

To add the "root" base "o=MasterCom, c=BR", add this 'entry':

dn: "o=MasterCom, c=BR"
objectClass: top

BTW, thank you for the password :-)


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