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Re: encrypt the userpassword

At 04:24 PM 12/6/99 CET, Fabrice Nouet wrote:
>Difficult to understand english documentation for encryption:
>I add entries from a file entry.ldif (ldapadd -f entry.ldif (describe
>But I try to encrypt the userpassword (adminfabrice) to mask it from anybody
>(ldapsearch 'objectclass=*).
>How to do that ?

See ldappasswd(1).  OpenLDAP support authentication using encrypted
passwords, but requires client side to generate the encrypted values.

ok that is functionning but now my userpassword 'eric' is crypted so now how to do with my command ldapsearch -D "cn=Eric,o=Right Vison" -w eric "objectclass=*" 'Invalid credentials' error due to the encrypted password !!!!!!!!!!!

Many thanks Kurt,

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