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Re: Access Control Question

Sounds like you changed the syntax of userPassword to binary.
OpenLDAP 1.2 requires it to be 'ces' if hashed passwords are
in use.  (This is actually considered a bug)

At 02:03 PM 11/22/99 -0500, Tod Thomas wrote:
>Does anybody have some good references to help in debugging an access
>control problem?  I have a third party security product that can use
>LDAP to authenticate.  Right now it looks like the only user I can get
>to authenticate is the rootdn, no other users seem to work.  I can see
>the product connecting and performing a search using  a valid filter but
>authentication fails anyway.  I was originally suspect of the security
>software, or the possibility I had not compiled in the correct
>encryption routines.  When I got the rootdn entry to work with its {SHA}
>encrypted password it invalidated that theory.  Any ideas?
>Thanks - Tod

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