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IMAP with OpenLDAP

No really IMAP, but I've hacked the GNU-POP3D to use *my* LDAP schema
and database as an authentication mechanism.  Can send the schema and
diffs if anyone's interested.

This is for a Web/Mail hosting environment, where the virtual user
mailbox location is stored in the LDAP database, and the POP3 daemon
checks which IP the connection is coming to, finds the corresponding
user in that particular domain and sends her mailbox location back.

It's not a pretty hack, but it works :-)


-- Raju

>>>>> "Norby" == norby norby <norby_norby@hotmail.com> writes:

    Norby> Hi there, I'm trying to set up IMAP with OpenLDAP.  What
    Norby> I'd like to do is IMAP find and authenticate user in
    Norby> OpenLDAP when receiving mails.  Does anyone know a good
    Norby> roadmap or documentation for doing so.

    Norby> I'd really appreciate it.  Thank you

    Norby> Norbert Gomes