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Re: Problem faced during OpenLDAP Usage (ITS#389)

Earlier today, BalbirS@NIIT.com wrote:

> 1)
> We have downloaded "openldap-1.2.7". We have Installed OpenLDAP on "Sun
> Solaris OS 5.7" We are runing at the backend "Berkeley DB 2.7.7" as LDBM
> When we are trying to run ldapadd we are getting the following problem
> $ ldapadd -D "cn=Balbir, dc=your-domain, dc=com" -a < myldif.ldif
> Bind Password:
> LDAP Server is V2: execute command with LDAP V2...
> ldap_simple_bind_s: No such object

Firstly, a couple of notes about the "execute command with..." message:

- there are two main versions of the LDAP protocol, version 2 and version 3;

- OpenLDAP software versions 1.x only support LDAPv2;

- OpenLDAP software versions 2.x (when released) will support LDAPv2 and

- Solaris 7 (aka, SunOS 5.7) is shipped with LDAPv3 client libraries plus
  some LDAP command line tools;

- the above message is caused by using the Solaris 7 "ldapadd" command (which
  defaults to LDAPv3) rather than the OpenLDAP 1.x "ldapadd" command;  and,

- annoyingly enough, despite the error message the Solaris 7 "ldapadd" command
  offers no option for specifying the LDAP protocol version to use.

Now, the message "ldap_simple_bind_s: No such object" indicates a failure in
the ldap_simple_bind_s function (ie., trying to connection/authenticate to the
LDAP server), caused by your DN (the bit after the "-D" param) not existing in
the directory.

The very first time you add objects to the directory you need to bind as the
directory admin (the "rootdn" in your slapd.conf file) and add an object for
the base DN ("suffix" in slapd.conf) and the directory admin.

> We are runing the  sldap as "./slapd start"  with default slapd.conf file

Are you sure you're using "./slapd start"?  That's not the sample given in the
"Quick Start Guide":


and slapd(8) has no "start" parameter in the man page:


> 2)
> If instead of  "Berkeley DB 2.7.7" as LDBM we want to use Oracle 8I as LDBM
> how we can use it is there any guidelines for that?

OpenLDAP 1.2.7 doesn't support Oracle 8i directly;  you would need to use one
of the programmatic backends (such as the shell backend) in order to talk to
Oracle (until such time as the ability to talk directly to Oracle has been
developed and incorporated into OpenLDAP release).

There has been some discussion in the past couple of days regarding using
different databases as backends for OpenLDAP - check the mailing list