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Attribute Listings under Netscape 4.6 or 4.7

Hello All,
    One quick and hopefully easy to answer question.  We are using OpenLDAP on a Linux server with Netscape 4.61 and 4.7 Communicator clients.  I am able to add attributes to the LDAP and view them but the display name is not what we are looking for.  We would like to customize the displayed attributes with our own name.  I know that you can edit the prefs.js file on Netscape but some attributes are just not received well by Netscape.  Is there any way to "transform" what LDAP sends back to the client so that it is customized to our preferences or am I stuck by what my client will accept.  To change the prefs.js file on 1500+ clients is not what I call fun.  Here is an example of my LDAP server entry and what the client sees:
labeleduri: http://test.test.com Test Web Site
labeleduri:  Test Web Site <This is a hyperlink on the client's screen>
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Jason Preves