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ODBC Driver for LDAP directories?

Pardon me if this has been answered before, I searched the archive and found
this post from Jeremy Jones, but no responses to it.
To serve the needs of end-users at my organization, I need to make the
LDAP data in our directory available to ODBC compliant applications.  An
application called PS Enlist
(http://www.pspl.co.in/psplsite/psenovrw.html) can do this for me on a
Windows platform.  However, seeing as how we are VERY POOR (i.e.
non-profit), the cost of PS Enlist is rather prohibitive.

Does anyone else know of something that will provide similar
functionality--i.e. allow SQL queries to be passed to an LDAP
directory--that is free, can run on either Linux or WinNT, and provides
not only search capabilities, but adds, changes, deletes as well?

I'm in much the same situation, however I don't really need to do any adds
changes or deletes. Actually, I'd just like to allow my users to do Word
mail merges from our ldap database, requiring simple search capability. Has
anyone found an ODBC driver for ldap? Or perhaps a better solution? Does
anyone know of Microsoft having anything for ldap directory servers in it's
Office products?