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help needed on referrals

hi guys
i am posting this query in both the forums as i am not too sure what i am
getting is correct or not, please clarify, i will try to give all the
Machine 1 : Name: creator1 and the corresponding database associated with it
dn: o=Wipro, c=IN
o: Wipro
objectClass: organization

dn: atvalue=campus, o=Wipro, c=IN
atvalue: campus
objectclass: AppliedThrough

dn: atvalue=consultant, o=Wipro, c=IN
ref: ldap://holmes:6001/atvalue=consultant,o=wipro,c=in/        holmes
objectclass: AppliedThrough
objectclass: referral

dn: atvalue=advt, o=Wipro, c=IN
atvalue: advt
objectclass: AppliedThrough
> >
dn: atvalue=referral, o=Wipro, c=IN
atvalue: referral
objectclass: AppliedThrough
> >
Second Machine : Name holmes which holds the actual database.
Now when i run the command
./ldapsearch -b 'atvalue=consultant,o=wipro,c=in' -p 6001 -h creator1 cn=*
it gives me the
following search result
> >ldap_search: Partial results and referral received
> >        matched: "atvalue=consultant, o=Wipro, c=IN"
> >        additional info:
Now shouldn't it be chasing the referral returned and get me the actual
result for the query or this
is the ldapsearch behavior and it is my job to parse the url again and send
the result. Now i thought
that Hu was trying to resolve this problem only so I went to the repository
and took the latest version of libldap/result.c but for me nothing chnages.
The same result is returned with -R also, i am a bit confused and i really
want to understand the concept of referrals.
When i tried firing the same query through the Netscape JAVA SDK 3.0, its
supposed to generate
ldapreferral exception but it returns with unknown error (80). If anybody
has used that and was able to work with referrals, it would be great
If you all need any other clarifications i will surely provide, this has
taken my whole day and i am still where i started although have seen a lot
of code in the whole day.