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help needed in referral

i installed the ldapv3 version of ldap server and i am facing problem with
referrals, here is the scenario.
there are two ldap servers creator1 and holmes (both ultra sparc m/c with
solaris 2.7).
in one i have just one entry called o=wipro, c=IN.
in second one i have an entry
c=in" which
contains all the attributes like cn,sn etc.
Now creator1's slapd.conf file contains referral  ldap://holmes:6001/
when i send a query to creator1 as ldapsearch -h creator1 -p 6001 cn=*, it
me partial result and see also ldap://holmes:6001/ but it doesnt
automatically go and resolve the
entry. Isnt the referral clause supposed to return me the entire entry or do
i need some specific options for ldap compilation.
any help appreciated.