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Re: Debugging LDAP


On Fri, 26 Nov 1999 12:21:28 +0000, "John P. Looney" <jplooney-ldap@online.ie> wrote:
>|  However, su is coredumping when it quits, even though it seems to be
>| working fine. Has anyone ever seen that before ?

I had the same problem. It seems to be solved but I don't know why :-(

>|  Don't suppose anyone has any pointers on getting LDAP to work with the
>| rest of what NIS is currently giving me, like groups etc. do they ?

You can find  
	                 The latest snapshot of the nss_ldap module for linux. In this release pw(password) gr(groups) serv(services)
proto(protocols) net(networks) and host(hosts) are fully implemented. The install and test procedure have also been updated.

on http://www.rage.net/ldap/download.shtml


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