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Re: What is T.61 (Was: Chinese Character)

Villy Kruse wrote:
> ...
> It is my uderstanding that T.61 was a very old 8 bit extension to the
> ASCII character set.  As such it is different from any of the iso-8859
> character sets.
> It was supposed to be used for the next generation of telex machines as
> defined by the then CCITT, but the fax machines that later started to
> become affordable basicaly killed these.
> I have long wondered what T.61 was as you see references to it in the
> open-ldap documentation, but nothing about what it is, let alone what
> the encoding is.
> Guess when we convert to UTF8 (8 bit encoding of unicode) we can forget
> about T.61.

T.61 is definitely forgettable.  But you can find a description of T.61
in RFC 1345.

Mark Smith
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