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Newbie ldapsearch question.

I'm looking thru the test scripts to learn about ldap. I commented out the killing of the ldap server from test001-ldif2dbm, then I ran 'make'. The ldap server was started using the test configurations but left running after the first test.

I hope somebody could help explain the output that
I issued after that :-

1. ldapsearch -p 9009 "cn=Mark Elliot"
  ldapsearch: No such object
  ( This really contracdicts with what the man page for
  ldapsearch says)

2. ldapsearch -p 9009 -b "o=University of Michigan,c=us" "cn=Mark Elliot" cn telephonenumber
( No error, no output. There is actually one record for
cn=Mark Elliot. Why not returned ? )

3. ldapsearch -p 9009 -b "o=University of Michigan,c=us" "cn=Mark Elliot*" cn telephonenumber
( Now the record is returned !)

4. ldapsearch -p 9009 -b "c=us,o=University of Michigan" "cn=Mark Elliot*" cn telephonenumber
ldapsearch: No such object
( So the order of the c and o is important ? )

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