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Re: ACL problem with userPassword

Ok, something is majorly not clicking with my synapses today.  I pretty
much understand the idea behind the way that slapd interprets ACL (I
think).  I've tried a bunch of different combos and read what many people
have had to say in the mailing list archives about ACL.  I understand that
defaultaccess is read and that the rootdn account has write access.  So
the simple question is:  what ACL do I need to give myself, binding as a
non rootdn account, write access?

I thought the following would do it:

access to *
by self write
by * read

If I understand ACL right, the first line should allow access to
everything in the entire directory tree, the second line should allow
myself write access (after I've bound myself) and the third line should
give everyone else read access.

Where is the error in my logic here?  I simply can't figure out what else
I need.  That _should_ be enough shouldn't it?  But without fail, I keep
getting send_ldap_result 50:: in my logs :(

Either I am making a mountain out of a molehill or this is far more
complex than I comprehend it to be...


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