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Re: ldapdelete question...

At 13:11 19/11/99 +0000, John P. Looney wrote:
> Is there an "rm -rf" equivilant for ldapdelete ? For instance, if I want
>to get rid of a whole branch, do I have to delete each and every entry one
>by one ?
> I was trying to do something like:
>% ldapdelete "attribute=*, dc=something, dc=somethingelse, c=com"
>% ldapdelete "dc=something, dc=somethingelse, c=com"
> But it didn't work...I got this after the first ldapdelete:
>ldap_delete: No such object
> I assume then for ldapdelete, you can't give it wildcards, just an exact
>pattern from RFC 1779 ? What do I have to do, to do this from the command
>line ? Deep magic with awk ?
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According to X511(1995) and RFC 1777 (ldap v2) and RFC 2251 (v3),
ldapdelete requires only one exact DN and proceeds only one.
So perhaps (multiple ldapdelete) instead of (ldapdelete multiple dn).


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