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Re: Newbie ldapsearch syntax question

On Thu, Nov 18, 1999 at 09:50:39AM -0500, Gary Williams mentioned:
> # ldapadd  -w secret -D "cn=ldap, dc=fv, dc=digiserve, dc=ie" < passwd.ldif
> Does cn=ldap, dc=fv, dc=digiserve, dc=ie exist?  It doesn't appear to be
> your root DN, based on the config segment in your message.  It may be
> that's the object that doesn't exist.

 Oops. Sorry about that. I'd previously made changes to the slapd.conf file
in the meantime. It currently has the line...

rootdn      "cn=ldap, dc=fv, dc=digiserve, dc=ie"

 ..in it. If it didn't (or I change something) the error is more like
"invalid credentials" or something. So that can't be the object that
doesn't exist. 


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