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Re: Need to first define this objectclass??

At 01:08 PM 11/16/99 +0900, Kristina wrote:
>I would like to know how objectclasses work!  Can
>I just go ahead and use the following objectclasses in
>directory entries or do I have to first define the objectclass
>somewhere in LDAP.

Assuming you have schema checking enabled, you need to define
all schema items before use.

>I want to use the "rfc822Routing" object class and its attributes
>as in the example below taken from:

Besides being an Internet Draft... it's an expired I-D.  You
can find the latest draft on the IETF website (search for "laser").

Note though, Internet Drafts are just that, drafts.  Please read
the notice on the beginning of the draft before experimenting
with the information expressed in these documents.

(I suggest those needing such schema items derive their own personal
items from the drafts instead of using the draft items directly.
This will keep you from getting burned with the draft items change).


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