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Problem email routing with LDAP.

I am using mail500 as the delivery agent with sendmail. I beleive mail500 
and sendmail are working fine, however,  I cannot route my email.
Email messages get returned to the sender "user@domain.co.jp" when sending m
to  kristina@subdomain.domain.co.jp (withing the same domain of my
with the following error:
The following errors occurred when trying to deliver the attached mail:

kristina: User has no email address registered.
     Name, title, postal address and phone for 'kristina':

     Surname Kristina
     No title or description registered
     No postal address registered
     No phone number registered

------- The original message sent:

Received: from domain.co.jp (localhost [])
        by ldaptest.domain.co.jp (8.9.3+3.2W/3.7W) with SMTP id UAA09869
        for kristina@subdomain.domain.co.jp; Mon, 15 Nov 1999 20:07:03 +0900
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1999 20:07:03 +0900 (JST)
From: kristina@fsas.fujitsu.co.jp
Message-Id: <199911151107.UAA09869@ldaptest.domain.co.jp>
SUBJECT: Mail test

However,  I do not want to use the title, postalAddress and telephoneNumber
attributes!! Why is LDAP
looking for this information when I haven't defined the map to do so!!!!! My
map tells LDAP to sendmail to route mail if  "uid=%s" or "mailAcptGID=%s",
which it does successfully and then LDAP tells mail500 to pass the message to
sendmail but I get the above error.

Here is what my user info looks like:

dn: cn= Surname Kristina, ou=west, o=myorganization, c=JP
objectClass: top
objectClass: person
objectClass: organizationalPerson
objectClass: rfc822Delivery
cn: Surname Kristina
sn: Surname
uid: kristina
employeeNumber: 991101
mail: ryu@west.fsas.fujitsu.co.jp
mailAcptGID: kristina
mailDrop: kristina@host.subdomain.domain.co.jp

Any help appreciated!!!!  I need to know why LDAP is trying to obtain title,
postalAddress and telephone
number when I don't want it to and I have in no place whatever defined such

Thankyou in advance,

P.S Does LDAP recognize the rfc822Delivery objectclass or do I need to define
it and how? 

P.S again.  I am referring to this document for the above: