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Re: Domain Name Suffix

On Tue, 9 Nov 1999, Kristina wrote:

> Thanks for the extra info on ldaptools which should come in handy
> at a later date.  I f you like I can email for you to this mailing list
> on how I got mail500 configured in Sendmail once I am sure it is 
> running correctly.

They are very handy.  There was a peice missing from the following
description though:

> > You just need to edit the migrate_common.ph file replacing
> > etc.  They make things so easy don't they.  :)  You can throw the
> > other junk like telephone numbers, etc, in from this script.
> > I remember thinking "thank god" for this perl script.

It is ALSO important to enable extended schemas about 2 pages down into
the migrate_common.ph file.  Evidently, you need this in order to make
sure e-mail addresses are added to the database. In addition, rather than
using this command to perform the migration:

> > > > I built the database using "ldapadd -D "cn=root, o=PACOM, c=US" -w
> > > > secret < /tmp/myldif,

I would recommend this:

  ldif2ldbm -i /tmp/myldif -f /location/of/your/slapd.conf

This method is much faster and can be done even if slapd is not running.
HOWEVER, evidently some of the executables that are needed by ldif2ldbm
are not installed until after you run the OpenLDAP server tests, by
running make in the test directory under the OpenLDAP source tree.  So if
you do not perform the tests, this will not work.

Derek D. Martin
Senior UNIX Systems/Network Administrator
Arris Interactive