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Sendmail and OpenLDAP (was: Domain Name Suffix)

Earlier today, Kristina wrote:

> In Japan the standard tool used to edit the sendmail.cf file is the
> CF-3.7Wpl tool available only in the Japanese language.  As I started out
> in IT here in Japan I only know how to use this tool and not the m4
> technique.  I do want to learn the m4 technique as there is more info.
> available on the web on configuring sendmail using this technique.

Fair enough.  If you want to take this off-list, I could try and help you get
up to speed on generating your m4 configs.  Discussion regarding Sendmail and
OpenLDAP integration could continue under the amended subject (above).

> Kristina
> P.S  What does IMHO stand for?!

IMHO == In My Honest Opinion