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RE: a better search?

> Hi All,

> 	I am experiencing some long search times when trying to do a search
> on one directory that contains about 4500 entries.  This particular search
> returns only 1 attribute, which contains a unix UID, for every DN entry.
> This is needed to find the next available UID.  However, this one
> search is
> taking up to about 2 mins to complete.  I am using Net::LDAP perl module
> which I understand may not be the best performer but have no other choice
> due to the platforms I work on.  Does OpenLDAP have the ability to have
> store procedures as RDMS do?  Or is there a convenient way to run a script
> on the server through another process?  Any information would be greatly
> appreciated.
Yes, you can use the shell backend to interface to talk to shell scripts
of your own creation, to do just about anything you want. In particular,
it would be easy enough to write a script that parses the passwd file and
tallies up uids, looking for holes or unused numeric ranges, returning each
range in a multi-valued attribute. Might I ask how your UIDs got stored into
this directory in the first place? If you're using direct access to the
passwd file, that's probably best, but brings along interesting security
questions. If you're using a separate database, how are you handling the
synchronization issues? (Yes, these are leading questions, and yes, I
that we at Symas Corp. have the right answer to these and other
  -- Howard Chu, hyc@symas.com
  Chief Architect, Symas Corp.

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