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Re: Searches for cn=x and commonname=x not returning same result.

On Fri, 5 Nov 1999, Jared Housh wrote:

> After a few hours of fruitless searching I'm turning to you. Any idea
> why a search for cn=x (ldapsearch cn=Jared*... no results) would turn up
> different results from a search for commonname=x (ldapsearch
> commonname=Jared*... results)? I had an ugly introduction to LDAP (Sun
> misDirectory Services 1.0) and I'm finding openLDAP to be a whole new
> world.
> The relevant line from my slapd.at.conf is exactly as follows:
> attribute commonName cn cis

Despite what the line might suggest, slapd does not consider those
attribute types as one and the same.

There are some steps in the development versions towards that goal,
but work is not complete.  We hope it is done for 2.0.  Sorry.