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Re: "The SLAPD and SLURPD Administrator's Guide" (fwd)

> I've managed to get slapd running and get our NIS tables into the
> database, and I'm looking for more information.  The man pages refer to
> this seemingly mythical tome, "The SLAPD and SLURPD Administrator's
> Guide" which I can find no links to.  If this thing really does exist,
> WHERE THE !@^#$ IS IT??????

calm down.

> Also, what I really want to use this stuff for is to essentially provide
> e-mail address lookups for our user community.  From, for example,
> Netscape's address book, I can connect to my LDAP server and search for
> users.  But all that shows up there is their password file info, no
> e-mail address.  I used the migration tools from PADL software to grab
> all my NIS table info.
did you edit migrate_common.ph
did you add your default email domain in there?
that will add the right email addresses.

you should probably turn on extended schemas too for gecos info.

> Is there something magical that I need to do to get e-mail addresses
> into the directory?  I REALLY REALLY do not want to type e-mail
> addresses for 300 users into the database, even if I could figure out
> HOW to get them in, which I can't.
> Thanks for any help you can offer!

I have a small howto that is relatively helpful though at this moment a
little disorganized.

I can send that along if it helps.