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Re: OID registration

Christian Pinheiro wrote:
> All entities who change the slapd.oc.conf showuld get an OID?
> (sorry, I've never heard about it)

Not necessarily.  If you are add schema items developed by others,
you need not have your own OID.  If you are developing schema only
for LDAPv2 (OpenLDAP 1.x), you need not have your own OID.  However,
if you are going to develop/publish schema for LDAPv3, you need
to assign OIDs and hence need an OID (arc) to assign from.

However, users planning on updating to OpenLDAP 2.0 (when it becomes
available) are advised to have OIDs already assigned to any schema
item which they have developed.  I recommend you comment your
OpenLDAP 1.x slapd.{at,oc}.conf files with RFC2252 style schema
declarations (which are used by 2.x).


Kurt D. Zeilenga <kurt@boolean.net>
Net Boolean Incorporated <http://www.boolean.net/>