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Re: What about threads?

At 08:25 AM 11/4/99 +0100, Marco Ferrante wrote:
>	I know that SLAPD and friends aren't thread-safe 
>under Linux

Actually, SLAPD/SLURPD are not preeemptive thread safe.
That is, it is save to use OpenLDAP with non-preemptive
threading systems, but not preemptive threading systems.
LinuxThreads, probably the most commonly deployed
threading systems under Linux, is preemptive and hence
not safe to use with OpenLDAP.  There are non-preemptive
threading systems available for Linux.

>, but what does "thread-unsafe" mean for 
>SLAPD? Data-loss, deadlock, GPF, ...?


>	I've an installation of OpenLDAP 1.2.7 under Debian 
>2.1 (for testing purpose only) with threads and it seem 
>works fine, so I'm wondering what's the problem.

Depends upon which threading system you installed.  As
noted above,  Linux offers a wide variety of threading
systems.  If you are using LinuxThreads, you are not safe.
That fact that slapd "seems (to) work fine" should not be
taken to mean that you are safe.


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