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Re: can't search on reload of slapd

well, i've been running in debug mode to see the logging, and I just hit ^C to
stop the process.
what i end up doing is :
"rm -f /usr/tmp/* "

which cleans up the old .dbb files. then I can repopulate the database, and
search. The biggest thing is that the data is there, just hidden somehow.

Niels Baggesen wrote:

> On Wed, Nov 03, 1999 at 16:12:02 -0500, Earl Robinson wrote:
> > One thing that I've come accross is that when I kill the slapd process
> > and restart it, I no longer get any results on a search, but when I try
> > to add  the entries that are supoosed to be there, it tells me :
> > ldap_add: Already  exists
> Did you remove all vestiges of databases after your failed attempts?
> slapd keeps (prefers to keep) all of its data incore, and does not nescessarily
> flush it to disk unless it really has to.
> You did kill it nicely (kill -TERM), and not kill -KILL?
> /Niels
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