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Re: First steps

At 05:18 PM 11/2/99 +0100, Marc Eggenberger wrote:
>I'm quite new to this LDAP thing and I'm reading all possible faq's ... but
>I still have the following problem:

Follow, from scratch, the quick start guide step for step:

>system is a linux with kernel 2.2.12, openldap 1.2.7
>I compiled it --without-threads

That's wise.

>It starts and the ldap.conf is like this:

ldap.conf?  I assume you mean slapd.conf?

>ldapadd -D "cn=root, dc=everyware, dc=ch" -W </tmp/1.ldif

Use a "-h server" option to eliminate any preexisting ldap.conf from
directing ldapadd to odd places.

>/tmp/1.ldif is like this:

Bad LDIF.  Each attribute value assertion should be left
justified.  Lines starting with white space are continuation
lines.  (But you didn't get that far).

>dn: dc=everyware, dc=ch
>  dc: everyware
>  o: EveryWare Ltd
>  objectclass: organization
>  objectclass: dcObject
>dn: cn=root, dc=everyware, dc=ch
>  cn: root
>  sn: root
>  objectclass: person
>I get an error:
>ldap_bind: Invalid credentials

Check log files.  Should provide a hint as to why invalid credentials
was returned.

>the faq says that the password is invalid .. but its the password I have in
>ldap.conf ...


The FAQ, I believe, states that invalid credentials can be returned
for any number of reasons, such as when the DN provided is not valid.


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