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Re: OpenLDAP client binaries and sendmail

On Tue, 2 Nov 1999, Michael J. Maravillo wrote:

> > 3)That I need to add -lldap -llber
> > IS THIS DONE AT THE FILE .../sendmail8.9.3/src/BuildTools/OS/SunOS.5.7??????
> That's one way, such that you'll have the following entries:
> define(`confLIBS', `-lsocket -lnsl -lldap -llber')
> define(`confINCDIRS', `-I/usr/local/ldap/include')
> define(`confLIBDIRS', `-L/usr/local/ldap/lib')

Rather than hacking the OS-specific files (which will just get overwritten
with the next release anyway), you're better off overriding and modifying
settings in:


This way you just drop your custom config files into the "Site" directory each
time a new release comes out, rebuild and away you go.  No hacking of
distributed files required...

> Or, edit src/Makefile.m4:

Argh!  ;-)