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Cross-server bind

I'm trying to use OpenLDAP in my application. I will have some servers
placed in
different organizations, which will hold their data. Additionally there
will be
one top-level server.

I want to use LDAP besides other as user database. Users should to be
able to
login using their DN in every location.

It looked easy :) Just do compare on userpassword or bind.

BUT, both didn't worked :((

I looked into the problem and it seems that ldbm-backend does not
descend into
referrals when doing anything other that search. I would think that one
have to
connect to right server, but "up-level" referrals work, so I assume
should work too :)

Is there any reason why it is done that way, or just it is not done ?

Is there any "quick" solution for that ? I would like to use ACLs
I hope I won't find referral troubles with that too :)

Best regards,
Filip Zawadiak mailto:philz@vyx.net http://vyx.net/~philz ICQ#25454699