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RE: No object found.....

At 12:57 PM 10/26/99 +1000, David J N Begley wrote:
>Just to reassure myself that I haven't gotten everything mixed up - should
>devel code (ie., 2.x) be okay with pre-emptive threading environments (eg.,
>Solaris) where OpenLDAP 1.x is not, or do the same caveats/problems persist?

Well, I must restate that devel codes are not for general use
in any environment.

Yes, we have commited numerous changes to threading codes which
appear to have resolved the problems evident in 1.x.  In particular,
the connection management code has been overhauled.  However, the
code is still young and not fully tested.

Experienced users are welcome to toy with devel codes and are
encouraged to provide feedback to the developers (through
the developer's list).


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