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Re: numerical rather than lexicographical comparisons with <= and >= filters?

At 03:35 PM 10/25/99 -0700, ldap@abhost.net wrote:
>is there a way (I'm currently running openldap 1.2.6) to have searches
>with filters such as (spy<=21) sort numerically rather than
>lexicographically? (spy = 'sneezes per year', of course!)

First, the server provides comparisons not sorting.

Secondly, OpenLDAP 1.2 doesn't support an integer syntax
and hence doesn't support integer comparisons.

>There doesn't seem to be an int attribute avaliable for slapd.at.conf,
>what can I do?

You can add support for it.  Besure to coordinate on the developer's
mailing list as a great deal of schema work is in progress.

>(would it be pushing my luck to want to sort floating point numbers too?)



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