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RE: No object found.....

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Your analysis is bogus.
> Is it really...?

If the test suite passes than the software, as built, was able to perform a
series of directory
operations that exercise a significant portion of the code.
> That is what you might expect from a test suite.
Though not a regression test, successful completion does
demonstrate basic functionality of the built software.
> Ok, I can live with that - You cannot check for everything.

> This is the problem I see on every mailing list that I'm subscribed to
(+/- 20). When something is not working then it's always the fault of the
user and/or the system it's running on. As stated in my last email: I have
tried gdbm (v 1.7.3, v1.8.0) and Berkely DB (several versions) and they all
suffer the same problem:
< I can fill the database with ldif2ldbm and ldapadd and that works fine. I
can do a ldbmcat on a couple of db's and they show the content as loaded
correctly! However: every search results in a "No object found".
> I have tried searching on several dn's and object classes but the result
is always the same.
> I'll continue my investigation (or bogus analysis as would prefer
describing it)
> If I can load data in ldap but cannot search I must be doing something
wrong because it's a stable ldap release and stable releases are known for
working perfectly! I start digging up the test suite. Followed every
operation step by step. Everything makes perfect sense and the suite says it
performed without any error... :-( Bummer, I must be doing something wrong
myself. Maybe the data I loaded was not correctly formatted so I tried
loading the test.ldif (test suite data) into my database and tried several
ldapsearches... no object found (result error: 32)... Hmmm... So why does
the test suite get results and why don't I get anything??
> Back to the test suite. When running the test suite it produces a massive
master.log file. Let's take a look in there. Putting the data into the
database does work so I'll skip those lines (this is an assumption I can
live with). I'm looking for every search operation in the log... They
ALL!!!!!! return error code 32 (No Object Found).

> Here I end my bogus analysis. The test suite can't check for everything,
I'm the last one to argue that. But the test suite claims to do search
operations (one of the most basic operations you can expect for ldap) and
also claims it gets the correct results back.... WELL, IT DOESN'T!!!

You likely suffer from a configuration error or am not using
the database or client tools correctly.
> Does the test suite use them correctly?? They return the same results...

I recommend that you start over, following the Quick Start Guide step for
> I did follow the Quick Start Guide step for step... No luck!

If you do have further problems, be sure to post enough
information such that those you ask to help you will be able
to do so.  This normally would include copies of your configuration
files, LDIF loaded using ldapadd(1), and copy of the input (including
command line arguments) and output of commands that you are having
problems with.
> I don't have to because you have all the files yourself.... the entire
test suite.

> Two more remarks:
> - The test suite occasionally hangs where the 2nd thread is defunct.
> - I would like you to read the 1st reply I got to my posting:

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From: Andrew Davison [mailto:andrew@infradig.com] 
Sent: Sunday, 24 October, 1999 09:37
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Subject: Re: No object found.....

Found the problem. Unfortunately i'll have to do a release for it. Soon
as I tidy up some loose ends I will do so, later today hopefully.


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> Somebody seems to have found the problem.... Without blaming me for
misusing the software!


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