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No object found.....

Ok, I've gone through the huge list of mails that have been send on this mailing list regarding the "no object found" message when using ldapsearch.
I have exactly the same problem and many people are suggesting specifying -b "...dn..." to solve the problem.
I have tried this in various ways but the answer remains the same when ldapsearching for every possible combination I can think of - no object found.
Today I tried to find out why the test suite of openldap 1.2.7 says everything works fine.... Well, it doesn't. Check for yourself!!!
Wen you do a search on the ./tests/test-db/master.log file you will see "**** got 0 of 0" on every search! However, the package says everything
works fine???!?!!?
My configuration is:
Linux 2.2.12
gdbm 1.8.0 (tried 1.7.3 and db)
My opinion is that the problem is not solved by specifying -b only. There's something really wrong in the database backend or in the database manipulation tools.
I hoped to find a working version in the cvs tree but currently it doesn't compile.... Does somebody have a REAL solution to this problem??
Jeroen Gremmen