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Outlook Express and search timeout

There is something strange occurring with Outlook Express when my SLAPD Server timeout from a search request. It seems that Outlook Express does not display the correct error message. I made some test with Netscape and the search request timeout message is accurate.
Here is an example:
SLPAD search timeout:
timelimit    10
Search with Outlook Express
<searching 10 seconds>
<SLAPD timeout>
Outlook Express Timeout message: "Unable to display search result because to many entries in the directory service match your criteria"
Search with Netscape
<searching 10 seconds>
<SLAPD timeout>
Netscape Timeout message: "Failed to search 'Test SLAPD' due to LDAP error 'Timelimit exceeded' (0x03)"
I really don't understand why Outlook Express is giving me a sizelimit error when it's a timeout message that I sent from SLAPD.
And yes, I really looked and run SLAPD in debug to verify that it was sending the good message to Outlook Express.
This is the message by backend send to the client when my SLAPD Server timeout from a search operation:
send_search_result( conn, op, LDAP_TIMELIMIT_EXCEEDED,
      NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, nbEnties );
Works fine with Netscape, not with Outlook Express.
Does anyone ever experienced something similar?