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No such object... slapd 1.2.5

 > I'll admit I'm a newbie with ldap... (< 1 week), but I wanted to set up a directory. So now I have problems that I didn't have before...
 > Ok, here's my problem.  I installed a slapd version 1.2.5 (from RPM, not source) since I'm running RH 5.2.  
 > If I try to run ldapsearch -h 'objectclass=*' 
 > I get ldap_search: No such object

I think you need to specify a base DN for the search using the "-b"
switch. So, assuming your root node is specified as, say,

	o=OrganizationName, c=us

then your ldapsearch command would look like this:

	ldapsearch -h -b 'o=OrganizationName, c=us' 'objectclass=*'

the key here is telling ldapsearch where to start looking.

 > I've recreated the ldbm four times with the same exact results.
 > Is the a version problem, or am I just not getting the slapd.conf stuff right?

Bill Anderson