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Re: HELP: Moving From LDAP 3.3 to OpenLDAP?

At 07:49 PM 10/5/99 GMT, Paul McGauley-Caloca wrote:
>We have a Umich 3.3 production LDAP server running an need to move it 
>to new hardware with OpenLDAP. Can someone give some pointers as to 
>the cleanest way to do this while keeping LDAP in production?
>I tried replication with the Umich 3.3 as the master and OpenLDAP 
>1.2.26 as the slave and it would not work. Any help would be greatly 

You need to backup your database (cp id2entry.*), convert to ldif
using U-Mich ldbmcat, copy ldif to new system, then follow our
"Quick Start Guide".

You need to make the backup of your existing database while
slapd is not running.  The copy, though, should only take a
few seconds and you can bring the old server back up immediately
afterwards.  (You might want to disable writes so as no further
changes occur to it).

Once you have the new server in place and tested, you can switch
your clients over to the new server.