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Re: Host and C Compile error

At 12:48 PM 10/1/99 -0700, Leonard Paul Tingin wrote:
>Installing the Stable release on a Linux 6.0 server (Compaq Deskpro
>Getting Invalid Configuration Host.

I assume: 
  configure: error: can not guess host type; you must specify one

Note: please always provide error messages as they appeared.

Considerring the platform, I suspect you do not have a
C compiler install and/or properly configured.

What does "cc -v" report?
Do you have $CC or $BUILD_CC defined in your environment?
If so, what version do they report?

Also, what does "uname -a" report?

>Loaded Autoconfig and Autoheader.

autoconf and related tools need only be installed if you
intend to genenerate a new configure script.  Once
generated, the configure script no longer depends upon
the tools.  Hence, the average user need not install
autoconf.  It's okay for them to be 'missing'.

>Tried using:
>./configure -host=HOST
>./configure -build=BUILD
>./configure -target=TARGET
>No luck.
>Now getting
>configure: error: configuration or installation error; C Compiler cannot
>create executable.

Check config.log.  It should report the exact reason why the compile
failed.  Please reply to the list with the exact command and its

>Already installed all the C++ rpms.

OpenLDAP depends upon ANSI C application...  you're mileage
may vary if you are attempting to build OpenLDAP with a C++

If you set CC=c++ or equiv, don't do that!