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Re: Binding process with Netscape

> Louis Simon wrote:
> ...
> Now, a strange behavior occurs with Netscape:
>  When I perform a search,  I get a list of entries result, no problem
> there.
> But when I click an entry to see the properties, Netscape open a new
> page and displays not the selected entry, but ALL the entries of my
> database!
> I found out that when I click an entry in the Netscape list, it's make
> a
> search call to SLAPD. I found out that the search value of "fstr" in
> the
> do_search() function is "(objectclass=*)".
> Now, I don't understand why Netscape is sending me this value, since I
> have
> only clicked on one entry.

What scope and base are used for the search?  The scope should be
LDAP_SCOPE_BASE and the base should be the DN of the entry you clicked
on, which will read exactly one entry.

Mark Smith
iPlanet Directory Architect / Sun-Netscape Alliance
My words are my own, not my employer's.   Got LDAP?