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Binding process with Netscape

SLAPD Server
Windows NT platform
I have a problem with the binding process of SLAPD Server with Netscape. I create a Directory account in Netscape, and then in the dialog "Directory server Property" I check the "login with name and password" option. Then, when performing a search with this test account, I am prompt to enter a user name and password. I enter the user name and password and click "Ok" button.
In the do_bind() function of the SLPAD Server, I get no values in the "dn" and "cred.bv_val". The "method" value is 128 ( LDAP_AUTH_SIMPLE ). Why is it that I am not getting values for the "dn" and "cred.bv_val"?
I performed the same test with Outlook express, and there is no problem with the binding. I get values in both "dn" and "cred.bv_val" and the "method" is the same ( LDAP_AUTH_SIMPLE ).
Is there special binding rules that applies with Netscape?