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Re: Defining new attributes and dumping schema help!

> At 03:49 PM 9/22/99 -0700, Subodh Nijsure wrote:
> >I am trying to extend the inetPerson object class and create a new object class
> >named 'modemUser'.
> Review the FAQ Schema category.  It provides answers to your general
> questions.
>   http://www.openldap.org/faq/index.cgi?file=62

Thanks for suggestion. 

However, some things are not clear for me. 

So adding new attributes to LDAP server using the configuration file, as shown

modemMacAddress	cis
downStreamBandwidth bin

What are the object OID that LDAP server assign to these new object 

Per FAQ, OpenLDAP right now doesn't support cn=schema query, 
does that mean there is no way to view current schema? Are there any tools
that will allow one to view the current ldap schema visually?