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Re: !!!!Ne quich help--Converting 'ldif'file to databse!!!!

At 05:22 PM 9/22/99 +0200, Sven Veckes wrote:
>I've build up some test file, ldif-style and I want to buield a database
>now using 'ldif2ldbm'.

Don't.  Use ldapadd(1) instead to add new entries to your directory.
See FAQ/Archives for details.

>Strange: SOme entry's are working and some not.
>'ldapserch uid=s.veckes' -> gives all information ffrom this entry.
>'ldapserch uid=c.whitbread' -> gives: no such object

Post exact commands used and their output, ldap.conf(5) settings,
and relevant slapd.conf(5) settings.